Export Earnings from Rice

Export Earnings from Rice

The export earnings from the export of total rice (Basmati and other than Basmati) during 1998-99 accounted for 4.38% of total national export earnings. The total earnings from Basmati Rice during 1998-99 was 1.33% of total national export earnings. Similarly, export earnings from agricultural exports during 1998-99 was 17.81% of total national export earnings. The percentage share of rice exports to the total agricultural exports during was 24.58% in which the share of Basmati Rice was 7.5%. This is more clearly shown in the following Table.

Export Earnings :

ItemYear 1998-99

Total National Exports

Rs. 1,41,603.53 Crores

Total Agricultural Exports

Rs.    25,224.63 Crores

Total Exports of Rice

Rs.      6,200.80 Crores

Total Exports of Basmati Rice

Rs.      1,886.25 Crores

Percentage share of Basmati to the Total Rice Exports

32.42 %

Percentage share of Rice Exports to Total Agricultural Exports

24.58 %

It is seen from the above table that export price of basmati and non- basmati rice has fluctuated significantly year after year. The reason for fluctuation in average export price of rice is attributed to different quantity and quality of rice exported to different countries during different years. A particular country may import a particular quality/grade of rice in one year and the same country may import another quality/grade of rice during next or subsequent years. Thus, different quality and quantity of rice exported to different countries at different export price rate may probably be the reason for fluctuation of average export price of rice in India.

Export Earnings from Rice can be classified into three categories:

Basmati Rice Earning
Non Basmati Rice Earning
Total Rice Earning

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