Manufacturing Process

Initially when a commodity is taken for work it we should always keep in mind the quality in mind.

  1. The commodity is taken for cleaning the dust, sticks etc. (as the commodities are directly from farm it comes with all dust stones, mud, sticks etc. These also come in percentages.) There are separate sieves they identified with their sizes. Sizes vary from 2 mm to 9 mm. We should select the right size for each commodity. These sieves are put in separators and cleaned. In this stage all impurities in the raw materials are cleaned.
  2. In this stage the cleaned raw materials are let to destoner for removing the stones and hard materials if any.
  3. This is one of the important steps. In this step the cleaned raw materials are taken to a roller machine which has stone roller in it. The raw materials are put in to the machine from one side. Inside the machine there will be small gap for the raw material to move. The raw material when comes out will have small spots in it. When they come out the roller they are again put in separator to clean the broken and splits in it./li>
  4. Then they are taken to open yard for drying under natural sunlight.
  5. After a day or two we should see to the dryness of the raw material. If it is ready then step 3 is repeated again. Now oil is sprinkled on the raw material and again taken to open yard and put under natural sunlight.
  6. After 2/3 days when we see the raw material we can see the skin from the commodity slowly leaving.
  7. At this stage water is sprinkled on the raw material .this is done for the reason that the skin should get removed and the commodity to split.
  8. Now the commodity is put in the roller machine and the output you will find the splits coming out neatly with the starch sticking at the edge. The husk dust all are taken separately and they graded for quality.
  9. Sorting and all other costuming works are done later with the products.
  10. At last packing, the complete stage takes around 6 to 10 days depending upon the quality of the raw material.

In spite of the use of machines VELAVAN STORES FIRM always follows a hundred year old traditional method of drying and processing in sunlight with pure oil of highest quality to give the best taste, more output, less wastage, standard size and natural colour which shows the quality under any test. Always VELAVAN STORES FIRM products are known for its assurance in quality.