Steps to Improve Production of Rice

Steps to Improve Production of Rice.

The following strategies may be adopted to increase the productivity of rice in various states:

• Emphasis may be given on a cropping system approach rather than a single crop development approach..
• Propagation of location specific crop production technologies in different agro-climatic zones.
• Replacement of low potential/pest susceptible old varieties by new high yielding varieties with promising yield potential.
• To encourage cultivation of hybrid rice through demonstrations and making seed available to the farmers.
• Motivating the farmers to provide life saving irrigation to the crop wherever possible during long dry spells.
• Improving soil fertility.
• Emphasis on balanced use of plant nutrients along with the popularization of integrated plant management system.
• Use of bio-fertilizer.
• Popularization of line sowing in upland rice areas through suitable seeding devices establishment of desired level of plant population, easy in weed control and the application of other management techniques.
• Encouraging the use of machines as well as bullock drawn and hand operated implements. • Effective control of pests and diseases by emphasizing the need based application of pesticides.
• More emphasis on the adoption of non-monetary inputs like timely sowing, maintaining optimum plant population, timely irrigation, efficient use of fertilizers, plant protection measures and timely harvesting of crop etc.