Total Rice Earning

Rice is an important commodity under agricultural products exported from India to various countries in the world and it earns annually considerable amount of foreign exchange for the nation.

During 1993-94 an amount of Rs. 1,286.72 Crores was realized from the export of rice. The same amount increased to Rs. 4,568.08 Crores during 1995-96 and it was recorded Rs. 6,280.76 Crores during 1998-99, an all time high export earnings from rice. During subsequent years the export earnings declined and it was recorded Rs. 3,163.44 Crores during 2001-02.

Year Export Earnings from Total Rice ( Basmati + Non-Basmati ) (in Rs. Crores)
1991-92 755.59
1993-94 1,286.72
1995-96 4,568.08
1998-99 6,280.76
2001-02 3,163.44

As is seen from the Table above, there was more than five-fold increase in export earnings from the export of total rice from India during 1991-92 and 1995-96, During subsequent years after 1995-96, the export earnings from total rice export from India registered fluctuating trends and it was Rs. 3,163.44 Crores during 2001-02, which was less by 30.7 per cent as compared to 1995-96 export value. However, the export value increased more than three folds during 2001-02 over 1991-92 to 2001-02.

Export Earnings from Rice can be classified into three categories:

Basmati Rice Earning
Non Basmati Rice Earning
Total Rice Earning

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